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Brave now offers support for Unstoppable Domains

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Privacy-focused browser Brave becomes the second major browser to integrate full support for blockchain-based decentralized domains provided by Unstoppable Domains. Opera introduced full support for Unstoppable Domains across all platforms a few weeks ago.

On Thursday, Brave announced that its desktop and Android browsers now have native support for .crypto websites and other blockchain-based decentralized websites. Blockchain-based websites do not rely on the traditional Domain Name System (DNS), which comes with security and privacy risks such as phishing attacks and denial-of-service attacks, and are not stored by custodians such as Google.

Instead, decentralized websites are stored in cryptocurrency wallets, or hosted in the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

“Unstoppable Domains was a natural fit for us, giving our users access to the decentralized web with the ability to visit any .crypto domain name. From registering .crypto domains to hosting an NFT art gallery, to sending and receiving crypto, the possibilities are limitless for Brave users,” said Brave’s CTO and co-founder Brian Bondy.

“We see Web3 as the future of the internet, where everyone has ownership and control of their own content. Brave’s integration with Unstoppable Domains means easy access to the decentralized internet without the hassle of browser extensions or custom DNS settings,” Unstoppable Domains co-founder and CEO Matthew Gould said.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, subscribe to Reclaim The Net.

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