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Breitbart accuses Google of censorship, provides the evidence

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A high profile conservative website, Breitbart News, is accusing Google of deliberate attempts to meddle in the upcoming US election by rigging its enormously powerful system of information dissemination to give advantage to the opponents of the current US president.

To accomplish this, Google is using a number of avenues, Breitbart charges, providing its own treatment on the search, ad, and video giant as an example.

If your content doesn’t feature on Google Search (pretty much, on the first page of results) it might as well not exist in most areas of the world. It is in this crucial metric that Breitbart actually lost 63% unique visitors in organic Google search traffic from the first half of 2016 until the first half of this year.


The drop in visibility on that first page is staggering from April 2016 until July 20: 335 against now only one key search term for which Breitbart ranked in this position.

Much of the unprecedented and unexplained drop in search visibility when it comes to sending any traffic Breitbart’s way for Joe Biden-associated content (now at zero) seems to have coincided with May 5, 2020 update of Google core search – while an unnamed veteran SEO expert is quoted as saying that it “indicates highly probable manipulation on the part of Google.”

And he was talking about removal, not dropping in the ranking.


“I’ve never experienced such a wholesale removal of rank and visibility on specific concepts on a site as I have seen being applied to Breitbart,” said this expert.

One explanation that springs to mind is: Google blacklists. And Dr. Robert Epstein, a former Hillary Clinton supporter, now pretty much a search engine election bias scholar, agrees.

“Those are the lists that Google denies having — even under oath in Congressional hearings — even though two of those blacklists were leaked from the company last year by whistleblower Zach Vorhies,” explained Epstein.

What this all amounts to, he said previously, is Google aiming to rob Trump of about ten percent of his voters by means of manipulating its highly influential platform.

And while Big Tech clearly supports Trump’s opponent(s), Google denied applying technological solutions to further political bias and influence elections in the US.

According to Breitbart, though – any alleged foreign interference in the 2016 election was a child’s play compared to Google’s current “operation.”

And it’s one that will have to be officially investigated post-election, this media outlet believes – perhaps even as part of the currently ongoing antitrust probe.

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