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Caroline Dinenage’s Authoritarian Pressure on Rumble Reportedly Wasn’t Cleared By Her Own Committee

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Mounting accusations pervade the UK’s Dame Caroline Dinenage, the Chair of the Culture, Media & Sport Committee, following her pressure on video-streaming platform Rumble to stop comedian Russell Brand’s ability to earn an income on the platform.

The calls for Dinenage to step down echo the sentiments of free speech advocates who are protective of the rights of individuals under scrutiny and are against the weaponization of government to bypass the legal system and render life-affecting judgements on citizens, such as stopping their ability to earn an income.

Dinenage has attempted to stop Russell Brand, who faces allegations of sexual assault, from potentially profiting from his content on the platform. The approach and language utilized by Dinenage, a Gosport MP, have received criticism from at least one unspecified member of her own committee who voiced unease over the premature judgmental framing of the situation before any formal charge had been issued against Brand.

According to GB News, a source said: “We know at least one committee member is not comfortable with the language used before Mr Brand has been found guilty of any crime.”

Another source corroborated the claim, saying that only some of the letters were signed off.

The uproar that Dinenage’s communication poked is not merely restricted to the committee as it provoked substantial social media backlash. Critics argue that Dinenage’s move violates fundamental rights detailed in the Magna Carta.

This defense of liberal democratic principles clashes directly against the content of Dinenage’s letters to Rumble.

Rejecting Dinenage’s plea, Rumble, popularly known for endorsing content diversity, decried the attempt to arbitrarily control its platform and reasserted its commitment to providing a free space where varying ideas can be voiced. The company’s decision also reflects its defiance against being cornered by cancel-culture pressures and takes a stand for upholding its intrinsic values and mission.

The company also clarified that the serious allegations faced by Russell Brand were unrelated to the content he produced on Rumble and it would be unjust to penalize him for actions outside their domain.

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