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Hillary Clinton: “lack of gatekeepers” and “misinformation” online is clouding Biden’s accomplishments

Hints more censorship is needed.

Former Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Americans are not appreciating Biden’s accomplishments due to the spread of misinformation online.

The former secretary of state joined the growing list of Democrats who have said Americans are not fully understanding the issues affecting their daily lives.

Clinton made the comments in an interview on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

Clinton added that the US lacks “gatekeepers” and “people with a historic perspective” who can help Americans understand what is currently happening in the country.

“You know, democracy is messy. You know, a lot of people got, oh I think, kind of frustrated looking at the messy process of legislation. And they didn’t really appreciate that, within a year, the Biden administration has passed two major pieces of legislation through both the House and the Senate,” Clinton said, referring to the infrastructure bill and the coronavirus bill, which have been signed into law. She also mentioned the social spending bill, which was recently passed by the House.

“By any measure those are extraordinary accomplishments … But because of the way we are getting our information today, and because of the lack of gatekeepers and people who have a historic perspective who can help us understand what we are seeing, there is a real vulnerability in the electorate to the kind of demagoguery and disinformation that, unfortunately, the other side is really good at exploiting,” she added.

Clinton complained about technology and about “the way that propaganda has been really weaponized and the increasing ability to manipulate people through algorithms and other forms of .”

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