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UFC president Dana White announces new partnership with Rumble

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Free speech video sharing platform Rumble has partnered with Power Slap — a slap fighting organization that was founded by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White.

Power Slap describes itself as “the world’s premier slap fighting organization” and features competitors from around the world.

The partnership will involve Power Slap starting a new channel on Rumble and its membership platform Locals. Power Slap will also bring exclusive content to Rumble including a new exclusive show featuring White. Additionally, Power Slap will be posting the latest news, highlights, and behind-the-scenes footage.

“Rumble is an incredible platform and we couldn’t be more excited to be the first sports league to join. Tune in to the Power Slap page because you’re not going to want to miss this,” White said.

Power Slap’s President, Frank Lamicella, added: “Rumble gives us another massive outlet to educate fans around the world about this new sport, connect fans to our athletes, and distribute compelling content.”

“This partnership with Power Slap is exactly the type of strategic investment that helps us grow and diversify our content library,” Rumble Chairman and CEO Chris Pavlovski said. “When Dana is excited about something like Power Slap, we listen. He is a proven visionary in this space, and we can’t wait to be a part of this amazing journey with Power Slap.”

Power Slap is the very first sports league to join Rumble and Pavlovski vowed that it wouldn’t be the last.

“I’m going to step on the gas pedal on sports, this won’t be the last sports signing,” Pavlovski tweeted.

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Power Slap is the latest of many big names from a wide variety of genres to join Rumble in 2022. Commentator Sneako, vlogger and NELK Boys member SteveWillDoIt, comedian Russell Brand, and Lo-fi hip hop music brand Lofi Girl are some of the many other creators and brands to join this year.

Not only has Rumble brought in lots of new creators but it has set numerous records throughout the year. The platform says it had a record number of users and live stream viewers on election day (November 8, 2022). It also reported record numbers of monthly active users (MAUs) in Q3, Q2, and Q1 of 2022.

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