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Russell Brand to stream new daily live show exclusively on Rumble

Another big name starts providing exclusive content to the free speech video sharing platform.

Comedian, actor, and podcaster Russell Brand is launching a new daily live show, “Stay Free with Russell Brand,” exclusively on the free speech video sharing platform on September 28th.

The show will explore global events and provide unique perspectives on culture, news, and politics. It will be live streamed on Rumble at 1 pm Eastern Time on weekdays.

After the exclusive Rumble live stream, Brand will host an exclusive live question and answer session for his subscribers on , Rumble’s subscription-based community platform. Locals will also be the new home of Brand’s full-length video podcast conversations and premium content, such as his live comedy tour.

“We are excited to empower Russell to grow his audience on Rumble and Locals,” Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said. “Russell is known for his unfiltered opinions, and we are proud to serve as the technology platform where he can grow his audience.”

Brand joined Rumble and Locals in November 2021. Since joining, he’s built an audience of over 521,000 subscribers on Rumble and over 22,000 community members on Locals.

Stay Free with Russell Brand is the second exclusive show Rumble has announced. Last week, Rumble revealed that journalist Glenn Greenwald would be streaming an exclusive live show on Rumble from Monday to Friday.

Rumble has been growing rapidly and recently set a new record of 78 million monthly active users.

In addition to launching exclusive shows, Rumble has also embraced popular creators that have had their content censored or restricted by Big Tech. Kickboxer and self-help coach Andrew Tate and lo-fi hip hop music brand Lofi Girl are two of the many creators that have joined Rumble in recent months.

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