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Though saying so was banned by Big Tech, Dr. Birx says she “knew” Covid vaccines wouldn’t prevent infection

Another example where the truth was censored.

It used to be that “everybody knows somebody who has had Covid,” but now, with US President Biden coming down with the disease, literally everybody knows of somebody who has had a Covid shot, or four – and still got Covid.

Yet, not that long ago – suggesting that the Covid vaccines didn’t prevent infection was a bannable offense on the world’s largest social media networks.

And while “little people” continue to be banned by social media for questioning or even discussing the effectiveness of the vaccines, vaccination, complete with vaccine passports, is mandatory in many states – yet, people like former White House Covid response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx are free to offer their opinion.

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Speaking for Fox News (the broadcaster tweeted about it, and hasn’t taken the post down), Birx said that she “knew” the vaccines do not protect against infection and that the government “overplayed them.”

Previously, Birx was talking about “waning immunity” provided by the jabs as their main shortcoming. Now, however, she seems to be delivering a very definitive statement about their uselessness.

So, if a vaccine does not protect against infection – and the authorities know it – why are people pressured to get vaccine passports? The well-established narrative here is that they only prevent a severe form of Covid from developing. In the interview, Birx stuck to this argument, to then in the same breath admit that still half the people who died in the Omicron wave were older, and vaccinated.

Meanwhile, giant social networks like still have censorship policy in place that prohibits posting content claiming that “(Covid) vaccines are not effective at preventing the disease they are meant to protect against.”

Facebook is yet to officially retract it.

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