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Facebook moderators say removing pro-Trump posts is “revenge” and “more impactful”

“If someone is wearing a MAGA hat, I am going to delete them for terrorism,” said one moderator.

Earlier this month, concerns about the anti-conservative bias of ’s moderators were amplified when these moderators called on Facebook CEO to censor President Trump.

Now new undercover video from investigative reporting unit Project Veritas has shone fresh light on the anti-Trump bias of some of Facebook’s moderators.

In one clip, a Facebook content moderator discussed her plans to remove Republican Facebook accounts on her last day.

“Yeah. I will delete all Republicans yeah,” she states in the clip. “If someone is wearing a MAGA [Make America Great Again] hat, I am going to delete them for terrorism and just going to, like, go crazy.”

Kontakos also explained how she prefers to remove “hateful” Trump posts over posts about Senator Bernie Sanders because she believes this is more impactful:

“I’d rather remove Trump posts than Bernie posts because I feel like people just think, ‘Oh, I don’t like Bernie’ or ‘Bernie’s a communist,’ like, I don’t think that would impact anything but if I, if a Trump post was to come up and it was promoting Trump and I could take that down, then I think that would be impactful.”

Another Facebook content moderator said that she feels spiteful about Trump posts and described how she removes every Trump post she sees as “revenge for all the shit I have to see.”

She added: “I just feel like I’m doing something.”

Demian Gordon, a service delivery manager for Facebook, said that he knows about content moderators deleting Trump posts but won’t hold them accountable for taking the posts down.

“Gotta get the cheeto [Trump] out of office,” Gordon added.

This undercover video is the latest of several reports that points to anti-conservative bias at Facebook.

Last year, internal Facebook documents that were leaked by Project Veritas suggested that the company throttles live videos on conservative pages.

And last month, Facebook restricted one of the most popular conservative pages on its platform, PragerU, by limiting the reach of its posts, stripping the page of its ability to run ads, and preventing it from using Facebook’s monetization features.

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