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After media pressure, Facebook considers adding “violence” warnings to posts from world leaders

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When Twitter fact-checked President Trump last week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg weighed in and criticized the decision.

Since then, the mainstream media has piled on the pressure and urged Zuckerberg to start censoring Trump.

Now, less than a week later, Zuckerberg appears to be capitulating to this pressure and is reportedly considering adding warning labels to posts from world leaders on Facebook.

According to Recode, Zuckerberg said on an internal video call with Facebook employees on Tuesday that Facebook is thinking about adding labels to posts from world leaders that it deems to “incite violence.”

Additionally, Facebook may change its policy on the kinds of statements government leaders are allowed to make about “state violence” which would include what Facebook considers to be “statements about excessive use of police force.”

Zuckerberg’s apparent decision to walk back his original stance in less than a week is the latest of many examples of ? mainstream media outlets piling on the pressure until a Big Tech platform implements the changes they’re pushing for.

The scale of Big Tech censorship against Trump has escalated rapidly over the last week with Twitter already censoring Trump, Snapchat announcing today that it will be suppressing Trump, and Facebook looking like it will be censoring him in the future.

After Twitter fact-checked Trump, it then censored one of his tweets and censored the same statement on the official account of The White House within days.

In addition to the censorship, Twitter has also put President Trump as the top search result for “racist” – another sign that it’s letting apparent bias against the President to influence its actions.

While Big Tech censorship of politicians has reached unprecedented levels, alt-tech platforms such as the free speech social network Gab are experiencing record growth.

Gab and other alt-tech platforms are advising the President to step outside of Big Tech’s walled, heavily censored gardens and start embracing these alt-tech solutions.

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