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Firefox introduces extension that automatically censors “hate speech”

Yet another example of how Mozilla has lost its way.

Mozilla seems to be replacing innovation and investment in software development with virtue signaling. That doesn’t look like a road leading to anywhere in particular: Firefox browser’s existing user base might be turned off by the lack of focus on technical improvements of the browser itself, while luring in Chrome users with wokeness alone seems like a massive uphill battle.

In this context, the last thing we need is segregation of women into “safe language spaces” – through none other than Mozilla’s several years ago controversially rewritten add-ons system.

But that’s what we’re getting.

Most of your average early adopters and supporters of Firefox and Mozilla over the many years only really have this one hope for these entities these days: live up to the promise of promoting an open, web standards-compliant internet, that makes participation accessible to everyone.

We want a browser that is technically advancing, actively trying to replace the clunky rendering engine at its core, i.e., improving, instead of declining into oblivion against the competition of ’s Chrome.

But in the market reality, what we see is Firefox – that once victoriously put Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in its place through the sheer strength of technical merit – flat-lining at the bottom of the chart, ironically along with Microsoft’s latest offering, “Edge” – more ironically still, based on Google’s Blink/Chrome engine.

So what does Mozilla do – that foundation for years bankrolled by Google’s hundreds of millions of ad dollars, possibly simply as a way for the giant to prove that Chrome browser is not a monopoly, because there’s another, barely alive though it may be, called Firefox?

Mozilla hits its users with the “Firefox B!tch to Boss” extension. There’s nothing “boss” about it though – women here are treated like old-timey “damsels in distress” that need somebody else to help them cope in the world (this time, on the internet) – like comments and “harassing language” (including the word “b!tch” in the name of the very extension, maybe?)

Meanwhile, Mozilla promises to alter reality for its women users (NO THANKS). But for anyone who might want it, Mozilla will replace words like “bitch” (but apparently not only) with “boss.”

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