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Outrage in France as shoppers are denied entry to grocery store for not having a vaccine passport

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A video showing angry shoppers in France being denied access to a supermarket over lack of vaccine passports has been doing rounds on social media as the vaccine passport mandate in France continues to be criticized.

In the footage, security guards are seen denying people access to the supermarket because they did not have vaccine passports.

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The guards get physical with one woman, the confrontation becomes more impassioned, before police officers get involved.

France’s vaccine mandate requires an individual to present a vaccine passport while entering a shopping mall, venues with surface areas of more than 20,000 square meters.

Business owners face a one-year jail sentence and a €45,000 fine for not requesting to see vaccine passes.

Last week, President Emanuel Macron defended the vaccine mandate, arguing he was protecting the freedoms of all people.

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