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Laurence Fox takes “extended break from social media” after cancel culture leaves him fearing for his future

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Ever since his appearance on Question Time where he called out woke culture, many social media users have attempted to get actor Laurence Fox canceled with some even sending him death threats.

Now around a month after making that Question Time appearance, Fox has admitted the constant attempts to cancel him have left him feeling depressed and tweeted that he will be taking an “extended break from social media.”

Fox wrote that he still believes “passionately in free speech and stands “wholeheartedly by people’s right to express themselves.”

Fox also thanked those who had shown him support and added: “I have had nothing but support on the street, from people of all backgrounds and political viewpoints.”

However, he wrote that some of the things people have said to him on social media have left him “shocked” and “feeling more and more depressed.”

Fox wrote that the whole experience has also left him fearing for his future and ability to provide financially for his children.

He added that Equity, a UK trade union representing professional performers and creative workers, calling for actors to denounce him without polling its members was “very hard to deal with.”

Fox also called out cancel culture and tweeted: “I believe that pushing people to the edge of their ability to remain emotionally ok through cancel culture can and does have deadly consequences.”

It’s unclear how long this extended break will last.

Fox wrote “in order for me to be ok I have to turn this noise off for a while” but joked “I’ll probably be back on in ten minutes taking the piss out of Lily Allen! ????.”

Fox’s announcement comes after several other high profile incidents have highlighted the dangers of cancel culture.

The book tour for American Dirt, Oprah Winfrey’s pick for her Apple TV book club, was called off last month after it faced a storm of backlash including threats of violence.

YouTuber True Geordie also admitted earlier this year that he had suicidal thoughts after an online mob tried to end his career.

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