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Pokimane expects to be banned from Twitch

The popular Twitch streamer predicts her luck will run out.

The fear from Twitch’s streamers seems to be invading even the most popular names on the platform. This time it has been Imane Anys, known as Pokimane, who has spoken up, saying that she may be banned at some point in 2020.

A dangerous game

This statement was made while watching a compilation video of some of the streamers who have recently been banned from Twitch. Recent Twitch changes have resulted in its community standards being stricter, which has caused numerous seemingly unjustified bans.

Pokimane believes that the apparent favoritism that Twitch has for her could disappear in 2020.

The streamer said that, although she has tried to avoid any controversial content, it is very difficult to simply stop transmitting something that could be problematic for Twitch.

In this case, she referred to the compilation video, showing streamers such as Felix “xQc” who was banned for showing explicit content.

Anys has even been the subject of criticism by other streamers, who say that she is protected by Twitch. One of those criticizing was PaymoneyWubby, who complained that his channel was banned, but not that of Pokimane – even though during a recent broadcast, she showed sexually explicit content when searching for “Spunk” on .

Accepting her mistake

Pokimane does not believe that she is doing everything right to avoid banning. The 23-year-old accepted that she has made mistakes and suggests that she’s not “immune” from a Twitch ban.

However, Pokimane suggests that her luck will not last forever, indicating that she believes that only a couple more mistakes will be enough for her to have problems with the platform.

She even made a bet with some of her subscribers, where she says that she will receive a ban in 2020.

“I hate to say this, but I predict I probably will get banned for something similar in 2020,” she said. “I’m trying to be as safe as I can, but the more reaction stuff I do, the more risky it is.”

Cases of streamers whose channels have been blocked without apparent sense are increasing. Although some seem justified, many users have claimed that most are unjustified and even Twitch has not mentioned the cause that led them to take such action in some instances.

Twitch does not seem to be very clear about what a violation of terms represents, although it seems that it is not the only platform that is going through this since YouTube recently updated its anti-harassment policies and content creators are not clear what constitutes a violation as the new YouTuber terms appear purposely and almost deceptively vague.

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