Ricky Gervais makes “Epstein didn’t kill himself” joke at the Golden Globes

Gervais also joked about streaming services and the woke celebrities that they hire.

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The “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme has made it to the stage at the 2020 Golden Globes with host and comedian Ricky Gervais making a joke about the convicted sex offender’s apparent suicide.

When talking about his show After Life, Gervais quipped: “Spoiler alert, season two is on the way, so in the end, he obviously didn’t kill himself – just like Jeffrey Epstein.”

After being met with some groans from the crowd, Gervais added: “Shut up, I know he’s your friend but I don’t care. You had to make your own way here in your own plane didn’t ya?”

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The popular “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme began online in response to the bizarre circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death which included Epstein being taken off suicide watch after a previous suicide attempt and crucial prison surveillance footage related to this suicide attempt disappearing.

The meme has since made its way offline with some people shouting the phrase “Epstein didn’t kill himself” during interviews and TV appearances.

Now Gervais has given the meme its biggest offline platform to date by making it a focal point of the 2020 Golden Globes award ceremony.

Gervais also poked fun at tech giant Apple’s The Morning Show from its Apple TV+ streaming service and the woke celebrities that often appear in shows on these streaming platforms.

“Apple roared into the TV game with The Morning Show,” Gervais said. ”A superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing made by a company that runs sweatshops in China, so, well you say you’re woke but the companies you work for, I mean, unbelievable. Apple, Amazon, Disney. If ISIS started a streaming service, you’d call your agent wouldn’t ya.”

Gervais added: “So if you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a platform to make a political speech right. You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world.”

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