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Rumble Ads surpasses 2,000 registrations in first 30 days, as it plans new monetization options

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Neutral video sharing platform Rumble said that its ad platform, Rumble Ads, had over 2,000 registrations since it launched in beta last month and announced a new ad format and marketplace that will be added to the platform.

The new ad format, video ads, is expected to be beta launched in Q4 2022.

The new marketplace will be for sponsored collaborations and live reads where a creator talks about a product or brand within their show or content. It’s expected to launch in 2023 and will be open to all creators and advertisers on Rumble. The marketplace will also provide access to Rumble Exclusives, including the recently announced exclusive daily live shows from journalist Glenn Greenwald and comedian and podcaster Russell Brand.

“We believe this approach presents a larger opportunity for creators and a better experience for the audience,” Rumble tweeted.

The Rumble Ads beta went live on August 22 and has already secured former President Trump’s Truth Social platform as its first publisher. It was launched with display ads and was opened to all verified businesses and select publishers.

Rumble said its goal with Rumble Ads is to “build a transparent advertising eco-system for creators, publishers, and advertisers that is immune to cancel culture.”

Currently, between 80-90% of the digital ad market is estimated to be controlled by three Big Tech companies – Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Rumble Ads offers both publishers and creators an alternative ad platform that isn’t controlled by Big Tech.

All three of these companies have used their dominant position to lock out advertisers or publishers. Rumble, on the other hand, has stood up to ad networks that attempt to censor its creators.

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