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Rumble’s live stream feature arrives just in time as Sebastian Gorka goes live after YouTube censorship

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Sebastian Gorka, who served as Deputy Assistant to the President in former President Trump’s administration, has broadcast his show, AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka, live on Rumble for the first time.

The debut live stream was hosted a day after his 230,000+ subscriber YouTube channel was deleted for allegedly violating the platform’s “presidential election integrity” policy – a policy that has been used by YouTube to censor several high profile commentators who have discussed potential election fraud and other irregularities.

Gorka is one of the first creators to get access to Rumble’s live streaming feature which was announced by the platform last week. Rumble plans to roll out the feature to paid users who are part of its “Team Package” first and then make live streaming available to all users over the next few months.

The introduction of live streaming is a major development for both Rumble and its community.

For Rumble, the feature helps the platform expand. The introduction of live shows complements the popular content that’s already on the platform which includes videos from the conservative commentator Dan Bongino (who is also an investor in the platform), conservative comedians the HodgeTwins, and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

For the community, the feature offers more choice and freedom. Viewers get access to a wider range of content and can choose whether they want to watch live. Creators get to speak freely during their live broadcasts without being subject to Big Tech’s far-reaching censorship rules.

Unlike Big Tech platforms, which have publicly committed to censoring their users for expressing certain viewpoints about the election or the coronavirus, Rumble has promised to foster “dialog, debate and opinions.”

In the case of Gorka, Rumble is now adding the live broadcast of one of the most popular US news commentary shows to its roster. AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka is currently ranked number 36 in the Apple Podcasts’ “United States of America: News Commentary: All Time” category.

As a Rumble creator, Gorka can freely discuss topics without fear of falling foul of Big Tech’s far-reaching rules. And his viewers can watch the content live without having to worry that it could be suddenly removed by one of the tech giants.

If you’re tired of censorship and surveillance, join Reclaim The Net.

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