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As Big Tech and their legacy media gatekeepers continue to exert greater control over the internet, real people are losing their voice and freedoms are being threatened with increasing speed.

At Reclaim The Net, we keep the focus firmly on the censored and independent voices by sharing their stories, amplifying their voice, and reporting on the issues that matter to them.

Big tech policies are resulting in increased online censorship and legacy media gatekeepers want to control the conversation.

Reclaim The Net exposes the workings of Big Tech monopolies, the media, government, and the subtle (and not so subtle) ways free speech is being eroded in the online era.

Reclaim The Net also gives a platform for emerging technology and independent developers who want to create alternative, privacy-friendly, censorship-resistant solutions to keep free speech alive for future generations.

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LEARN HOW to create a website with open source technology

Whether you want to write, produce video or audio, showcase yourself and your talents, or curate the good work of others, having your own website is essential.

Don’t put yourself at the mercy of social media platforms or even use website builders that keep you locked in.

Create a space online that you control.

LEARN HOW to de-Google your life. Use alternatives and free yourself from Google's invasive tracking and control

Google has so many products it can be easy to fall into the trap of having your whole life in Google.

For many people, Google has their emails, their calendar entries, their browsing history, their location history and more.

We explore how to escape.

LEARN HOW to get started with decentralized finance and free yourself from legacy financial institutions

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a modern, cryptocurrency-based, decentralized alternative to these legacy financial systems. It offers many bank-like services such as payments, lending and borrowing, and cryptocurrency exchange. 

However, instead of relying on centralized institutions, DeFi offers these services via self-governing systems on a decentralized network. 

LEARN HOW to start a newsletter to speak directly to an audience without social media censorship

Share your thoughts, ideas, and products with an email list of subscribers. With email, you send messages direct to your audience without the need for social platforms. Build something that can’t be taken away from you.

LEARN HOW to sell products online so you don't have to rely on advertising from Big Tech.

The ability to earn a living online is important in these days of cancel culture. You need to have a revenue stream that you control and own. Whether you’re selling physical or digital products, or you want to accept donations, this is the tutorial for you.

We also cover:

Platform Dominance

Big tech platforms have a monopoly on the way most people communicate and share information. But they’re increasingly user-hostile, agenda-driven, and determined to change their “terms” to police the public conversation. Help us hold them accountable.

Cancel Culture

When media, global companies, and big tech bend the knee to mobs and team up to silence individuals and groups, they make a formidable force. That’s why it’s important we help prevent intolerance from calling the shots and being able to destroy livelihoods. Help us cancel cancel culture.

Media Bias

Online media is often weaponized and used to undermine and discredit certain communities, individuals, and creators. As legacy media begins to die and indie creators and communities rise, the media are doing everything they can to smear and control the narrative. Help us amplify the voice of individuals.

Indie creators

The original dream of the internet was a true democracy where everyone could contribute. But a reliance on platforms has caused this dream to fade. By showcasing indie voices and projects and showing people how to grow and monetize without platforms, we can rekindle the original dream and subvert those entities that try to silence people. Help us to help individuals.

Harmful Policies

Politicians that don’t appear to understand the internet are intent on regulating it – and not always in a way that benefits users. From Article 13 to the DMCA – these policies can be used and abused to hurt creators and increase the dominance of platforms and companies. Help us push back.

Consumer Voices

The ability for anyone to give their opinion and share their feedback online can be terrifying to major brands and entertainment companies that had long gone unchallenged for the way they treated their customers and fans. Brands can often be found attacking and resenting their own audience. Help us call them out.

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