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Twitter planning crackdown on “general mischaracterizations” about mail-in voting

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Twitter is going to be broadening its mail-in voting “misinformation” policies over the next month to ban a wider array of posts such as posts containing “more general mischaracterizations” about the process.

The company told Politico that the details of the policy are still being ironed out and it didn’t provide any specific examples of what would constitute a violation under these expanded policies.

In addition to restricting what users are allowed to post about mail-in voting, Twitter will also be focusing its registration efforts for the 2020 US presidential election on mail-in and early voting.

Mail-in voting is a politically divisive topic with President Trump and many other Republicans highlighting the potential for fraud and arguing against widespread use of the method.

However, many Democrats advocate for increased use of mail-in voting with some Democrat-run states such as California introducing new laws that require counties to mail ballots to every active registered voter ahead of the election.

Most of the high profile social media enforcement decisions on mail-in voting posts have supported the Democrat perspective.

Twitter has previously fact-checked several of Trump’s statements on mail in-voting where he argued that mail-in ballots will be “substantially fraudulent.”

Facebook’s first application of its voting information panel was also applied to a Trump post where he claimed that mail-in voting would “lead to the most CORRUPT ELECTION in our Nation’s History!”

The announcement of these new mail-in voting misinformation rules follows several Big Tech companies revealing that they’re colluding to discuss “scenario planning related to election results.”

Big Tech’s tightening of its rules about election-related posts follows several of President Trump’s posts being editorialized and censored by the social media platforms with the most recent example being Facebook and Twitter removing his statement calling for schools to re-open.

Meanwhile, websites that make fun of his opponents are also being censored by Big Tech with Facebook blocking links to parody websites of both the Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris.

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