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Gaming accessories company Vertagear caves and apologizes to Twitter mob after posting meme

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Gaming chair and accessories company Vertagear caved and apologized following backlash over a tweet comparing female and male gamers that was deemed “misogynistic” by a Twitter mob.

The tweet, which was deleted shortly after it was posted, featured two images; the first was a male gamer’s set up with a large game screen with the camera at the corner and the second was a female gamer’s setup with a smaller game screen with the camera occupying most of the space. Vertagear wrote: “Is this accurate.”

A mob soon descended and immediately criticized the tweet, claiming it was sexist and misogynistic. A day later, the company released a statement apologizing for the tweet.

“We’ve always wanted to keep things interesting and fun on social media for our fans,” it reads. “Discrimination and bias are the opposite of what we want to create, and they completely jeopardise the values we stand for.

“Unfortunately, we were slow to see the mistakes being made and have hurt many people with a recent tweet that we made.
“We take full responsibility for the pain that it has caused to members of our community.”

Other Twitter users noted that the company has a history of misogynistic and ableist tweets.

The company released a second apology statement addressing its history of questionable tweets.

“Unfortunately, over the years, our social media content has on multiple occasions included similar language and themes, which is a pattern we are certainly not proud of and need to rectify immediately to be more respectful of not only the gaming community, but everyone,” it reads.

“Vertagear strives to create a more inclusive platform, work environment and social media presence and will be instituting several additional protocols moving forward to ensure that these new standards are upheld.”

Regardless of the apologies, the woke mob is calling on gaming streamers to avoid using Vertagear products, others suggesting covering up the company’s logo while streaming. Some streamers have vowed to stop buying the company’s products.

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