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YouTube’s handling of the VoxAdpocalypse is a taste of the way Google will treat Stadia gamers

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Google would like to present themselves as an open-minded platform. In their mission statement, they make clear that they want to allow everyone to have a voice, to have access to resources, and to have access to the modern market place. This philosophy is utterly in contradiction to their actions, which are authoritarian and absolutely antithetical to a fair workplace.

Their most recent attack on their own users has Steven Crowder in the middle of it, as he is being punished for not getting along with another journalist.

These clashes against personalities should be nothing more than middle school squabbles, but Google allows fragile leftists to come crying to them. A Vox contributor did, and now another adpocalypse is hitting YouTube. This VoxAdpocalypse, if you will, is, in my opinion, caused by Carlos Maza of Vox.

Now Crowder’s entire channel is demonetized, and there is a massive push to spread out onto alternative platforms. This is a terrible position for Google. Google is trying to promote its Stadia service, which allows users to stream games. Gaming is not a hobby with a political agenda, but something which is enjoyed by all walks of life. When Google hit Crowder they also banned other channels. If they were to have similar policies with Stadia, it would fail.

Society is not meant to be prescribed or managed by tech companies. When Silicon Valley attempts to form the world into the image that they want it to take, they’re taking on a Sisyphean quest. Social media will never be able to be policed ethically, and gaming will not be controllable. If Google is this sensitive to presentable conservatives, then they have no hope with running a voice chat feature in Stadia.

Hundreds of gamers make their living playing video games on YouTube. If there begins to be an overlap between those gamers and Stadia, then they will be in an incredibly precarious position. Already Google is trying to encroach on Stephen Crowder’s right to promote his own merchandise, so one can’t imagine that they’d treat their gamers any better.

The political side of YouTube is the canary in the coal mine. Political content gets targeted first because it is a direct expression of opposition. Hobby projects, such as gaming, or criticism, will take longer to get hit, but they will be hit. Silicon Valley is promoting the PC worldview, and it doesn’t matter what sort of person you are. They will demand that you obey.

No one should use Stadia. We have several other platforms to obtain games, and Steam offers games to purchase for affordable prices. Google needs to get hit as a platform if they are ever going to learn that surveillance is evil. Every time you use or rely on Google you are promoting your enemy.

Google is working against everyone. Now the progressives control the appropriate narrative, but one day it will be flipped on them. The power that they are exercising is nothing short of oppression. They ban people from platforms and limit their ability to interact with communities that were built by them. Google is no longer a host, but a destroyer.

If they gain any significant hold on the gaming market then gaming will suffer. The games that they fund to be developed might be technologically impressive, but they will be morally bankrupt. Google now knows nothing about what reasonable opposition is. They have no interest in representing the public or behaving ethically. Instead, they’re trying to build a model city in the clouds.

We are not experiments or material, we are human beings. Google does not deserve the right to pick and pry at our lives like we’re a frog being dissected. Don’t trust them with your info, not even the ways that you play. All information that can be collected by Google will be, so don’t let them profit by selling data about your gaming habits. No matter how well Google makes a product, their misguided social policies will keep it from being worthwhile.

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