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Ted Cruz slams YouTube for demonetizing Steven Crowder

Ted Cruz has long campaigned against censorship from social media platforms.

Senator Ted Cruz furiously tweeted that ’s biased policies harming conservative content creators are “ridiculous” and “will not end well.” His tweets were timely as more YouTube personalities like Lauren Chen, Steven Crowder, Tim Pool, and others continue to discuss the demonetization of Steven Crowder’s content and shadow banning of many conservative commentators.

The scandal Sen. Ted Cruz referring to involves Carlos Maza whose personality was discussed in a distasteful manner on the Steven Crowder’s show “Louder with Crowder.” Mr. Maza works for Vox Media and also makes videos for YouTube. He was called various names by Mr. Crowder which should not be tolerated. However, attacking one’s livelihood and the public platform is not the best way to achieve justice.

Mr. Maza talked to YouTube officials and made a video compilation of inappropriate content from Mr. Crowder. The tech giant reacted quickly and eventually demonetized Steven Crowder’s content on June 5, 2019. Sadly, it was not enough for Carlos Maza as he launched another attack and said that Mr. Crowder monetizes the “hate speech” by selling merchandise such as T-Shirts saying “Socialism is for Figs.

YouTube asked Mr. Crowder to remove links to his merchandise and revise his content. Many content creators noted that YouTube’s actions are heavily biased and often affect only conservatives. Senator Ted Cruz pointed out the bias in one of his recent tweets. Dave Rubin replied to the tweet and suggested that it was time for legislators to “sit down” and discuss YouTube and its position in the contemporary political sphere.

Conservative creators noticed significant reductions in their revenues and recommendation rates on YouTube. Creators from the Blaze TV network were especially vocal about recent changes in YouTube’s algorithms affecting their bottom lines. Lauren Chen’s “Roaming Millennial” channel was notably affected by shadow banning.

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