Al Gore proposes mass surveillance to find climate change culprits

Including the monitoring of "internet data streams."

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Former Vice President Al Gore promoted a technology developed by the Climate TRACE coalition that tracks greenhouse gas emissions. The technology can help identify those that are “most responsible for climate change” but the system is already being accused of being nothing but mass surveillance.

Gore was vice president under President Bill Clinton. The Democrat has long been an advocate for measures to combat climate change.

In an interview on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, he touted the Climate TRACE technology, saying it would help reveal the identities of those responsible for greenhouse gases emissions. The government and climate change activists could use the data to hold greenhouse gases emitters accountable for “destroying” the environment.

“We get data consistently from 300 existing satellites, more than 11,000 ground-based, air-based, sea-based sensors, multiple internet data streams and using artificial intelligence,” Gore outlined. “All that information is combined, visible light, infrared, all of the other information that is brought in, and we can now accurately determine where the greenhouse gas emissions are coming from.”

“And next year we’ll have it down to the level of every single power plant, refinery, every large ship, every plane, every waste dump, and we’ll have the identities of the people who are responsible for each of those greenhouse gas emission streams, and if investors or governments, or civil society activists want to hold them responsible, they will have the information upon which to base their action and holding them responsible,” he added.

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