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Amazon refuses to host Killing Free Speech documentary

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Amazon’s Prime Video has banned Part II of the documentary called Killing Free Speech.

The documentary, created by Michael Hansen, was banned because it contains “offensive content.”

Last month, the big tech company banned Part I of Killing Free Speech, Breitbart reports, and Amazon did not provide a clear reason for banning the first part of the documentary.

As the title suggests, Killing Free Speech is about the threats to freedom of expression. The first part focuses on how Antifa (a leftist activist group attempting to achieve its objectives through direct action rather than policy reform), mainstream media, and Democrats are allegedly using intimidation to kill free speech.

According to the documentary, the Antifa movement in the US borrows a lot from the original “anti-fascist” movements in Europe, which were comprised of violent militants. The Danish filmmaker claims that he has witnessed how Antifa and other leftist groups have suppressed political speech in Europe without opposition from politicians.

The first part also features footage of a Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) official saying that females are not allowed equality under Sharia.

Killing Free Speech, Part II features Hansen’s interview with a reporter on Big Tech censorship.

Border Patrol officers also applauded it for showing how they risk their lives for Americans.

Hansen wanted to include a screening on Capitol Hill through Rep. Louie Gohmert’s office. However, he was told that regardless of the congressman’s willingness to help, such screening would not be allowed by the speaker’s office. Even staffers from his local democrat representative Bill Pascrell attempted to help but eventually couldn’t.

In the recent past, Amazon, owned by Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post, has been adapting strict censorship policies. In April, Prime removed Hoaxed, a Mike Cernovich documentary about media manipulation.

This month, Amazon banned, and eventually unbanned after complaints, “China Virus”, a book by the Canadian conservative political commentator and author Ezra Levant. In June, the same happened to former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson’s book about coronavirus. Amazon revised its decision on Berenson’s book due to pressure from customers.

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