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Australian senators refuse to investigate the WHO pandemic treaty

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An Australian senator’s motion to hold an inquiry into the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) controversial international pandemic treaty was blocked after Labor and Greens voted against it.

The treaty, which will be legally binding under international law, will expand the WHO’s surveillance powers, allow the unelected global health agency to target “misinformation,” and more. The next stage of discussions on the treaty will begin next week.

The motion, which was introduced by Senator Malcolm Roberts, called for the WHO’s international pandemic treaty to be referred to the Foreign Affairs Defense and Trade References Committee for an inquiry.

Numerous lawmakers supported the motion and blasted the pandemic treaty during a debate.

Senator Roberts accused the WHO Director-General of “misleading the public about what the WHO is doing with the pandemic treaty.”

Senator Ralph Babet warned about the “ever-encroaching power of the WHO” and blasted those who had dismissed criticism of the pandemic treaty as a “conspiracy theory.”

Senator Geraard Rennick said that Australia risks being influenced by the “vibe” of the WHO if the treaty passes and pointed to the way where Australia would “religiously…follow the orders or the proclamations from the WHO without any questioning” during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Senator Alex Antic highlighted the mass censorship┬áthat occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic and criticized the way people were branded “conspiracy theorists” if they went against the establishment’s Covid narrative.

“Anyone who defied the WHO’s supposedly expert advice, including imminent medical professionals, were censored and vilified by the media and Big Tech at the behest of government and these organizations and…the only narrative that was allowed oxygen were those parroting the WHO,” Antic added. “Many Australian Health Care Providers were suspended for contradicting what was ultimately the WHO’s position on Covid-19 vaccines. Their predictions and observations have turned out to be correct and we’ll see how that narrative is slowly changing.”

Senator Matthew Canavan said Australia “should be getting out of the World Health Organization because of their negligent handling of the coronavirus” and pointed to several of the unelected health agency’s missteps during the pandemic.

However, several senators opposed the motion and praised the WHO.

“This is actually a good thing,” Senator Dorinda Cox said in reference to the treaty. “It’s important that we learn from the responses of governments right across the world so that we can do better next time.”

Senator David Shoebridge claimed that criticism of the WHO’s pandemic treaty was “disinformation” being pushed by a “conspiracy club.”

Despite strong support for the motion from several senators, it was ultimately defeated by two votes, with Labor and Greens voting against it.

You can watch the full debate on this motion here.

This is one of several recent efforts to shine a light on the WHO’s far-reaching pandemic treaty. United States (US) Senator Ron Johnson recently introduced an amendment to require Senate ratification for any pandemic agreement with the WHO. However, Johnson’s attempt to scrutinize the treaty was also defeated.

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