Canadian trucker Freedom Convoy embraces GiveSendGo after GoFundMe censorship

Alternative platforms are supporting the truckers after they were blocked from mainstream crowdfunding.

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After having their fundraising efforts shut down by GoFundMe, the leaders of the Canadian trucker Freedom Convoy have switched to alternative platforms to fundraise and communicate with their supporters.

The Freedom Convoy, which has been traveling across Canada to protest vaccine mandates, has gained huge traction online and had raised over $10 million on GoFundMe. However, GoFundMe withheld the convoy’s funds twice and said that it’s “collaborating with local law enforcement” before permanently shutting down the campaign and refusing to pass on the millions of dollars that had been raised.

The shutdown of the campaign came days after a Canadian city council member had requested a lawsuit to seize GoFundMe funds raised by the Freedom Convoy.

Following these issues with GoFundMe, the Freedom Convoy launched a campaign on the alternative crowdfunding site GiveSendGo and has already raised tens of thousands of dollars. We have confirmed that this is the official campaign created by Tamara Lich who created the original campaign on GoFundMe.

While GoFundMe has removed multiple fundraisers from its platform, GiveSendGo has championed freedom of speech and platformed many fundraising campaigns that have been restricted by GoFundMe including those raising money for Kyle Rittenhouse and election investigations.

In addition to embracing GoFundMe, the organizers of the Freedom Convoy have also partnered with CloutHub to create a group for communicating with their supporters and set up a campaign page that contains quick links to the group and fundraising page.

“There is no more important movement for freedom across the American continent right now than the Freedom Convoy 2022,” CloutHub CEO Jeff Brain said. “We are proud to support the Canadian truckers and will help support the other trucker movements popping up around the world to fight against unlawful mandates. CloutHub is where the world connects and organizes to take on the issues they care about, including defending liberty and freedom.”

CloutHub, which had direct experience of Big Tech censorship when it was deplatformed by IBM in 2020, offers users an alternative platform that focuses on bringing people together and empowering them to connect and solve issues that they care about. It has also encouraged encouraged lawmakers to pursue laws that limit the power of Big Tech.

The GiveSendGo campaign can be found here. The page may be slow as it deals with heavy demand.

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