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China’s censorship is giving citizens a false reality about the Hong Kong protests

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The Communist Chinese Government is using what many call the “Great Firewall of China” to create an alternate reality about the protests occurring in Hong Kong. Discussion and real news about the Hong Kong peaceful protests over the introduction of the extradition bill has been shut down and censored.

Even though millions of people in Hong Kong have attended the protests and posted on social media in Chinese about the protests, when searching the term “Hong Kong” in China the search engines reveal only propaganda, celebrity gossip, and business news.

When searching about Hong Kong in China the protests are framed as organized riots instead of peaceful protests which have resulted as interference by American politicians in Chinese affairs.

If there ever was an event that could break through the great firewall of China, the Hong Kong protests would be one. However, the Chinese government has become really sophisticated in censoring content and suppressing information.

The Chinese government censors’ keywords and phrases such as “freedom”, “democracy”, “demonstration” and “no china extradition.” If the keywords appear in any sort of media content, it is automatically removed by AI software.

The AI software can also make posts and messages disappear relating to events such as the Hong Kong protests or anything that the government doesn’t want their citizens to see.

The AI software that the Chinese Government uses creates another reality totally different from the real one. Users in China also have to use their real names and cannot post anonymously and can go to jail for anti-government speech.

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