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Chrome’s new cookie blocking feature may actually help Google by harming advertising competitors

It may seem odd that Google would create a feature that would harm itself, until you look a little closer.

After several years of study, Google is set to announce a new tool that would lessen the information gathered by its Chrome browser cookies from users. While this may bolster a user’s trust in Google Chrome it is actually also a way for Google to take a step further from its competitors in the advertising arena.

The said tool which is expected to be announced this week during the Google developer conference in California will introduce a dashboard-like feature in the Chrome browser. This tool will give users more information on what cookies are tracking them and suggest ways to fend these cookies off.

Google’s strategy in its Chrome browser is more incremental than the actions implemented by its rival browsers namely, Firefox and Safari. Both browsers implemented browser updates that restricted the majority tracking cookies a couple of years back.

What the three companies have in common is the fact that they have no immediate plans of eliminating the use of cookies in their browsers. After all, cookies are also essential for the smoother experience of users when browsing websites. A good example is a cookie that stores login information that most users find very useful.

What Google plans to do is to focus on cookies that were installed by third-parties whose objective is to gain profit from users. After all, there is still a debate on the negative and positive aspects of browser cookies amidst the waning importance of cookies as internet users continue to shift from using their smartphones when browsing the internet.

Recently, Google invited advertising partners to inform them about its plan. Unfortunately, those who attended the meeting said that Google did not disclose too much information about its cookies project. This could be due to the fact the project if implemented could be damaging to Google’s competitors who use cookies to sell information to companies for better ad-targeting.

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