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Democratic Party’s image on Google was changed temporarily to a rat

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Google’s Knowledge Panel was temporarily displaying the Democratic Party’s symbol as a rat instead of the official symbol which is a donkey.

This happens as the 2020 U.S. Democratic presidential primaries comes to close and more searches for the term “Democratic Party” are made on the search engine.

For those not in the loop, the Knowledge Panel is an information box that is located on the right side of Google search results.

Google describes the portal as a means to help users get a quick snapshot of information on a topic based on how Google understands content available on the web.

Recently, when a user used the search term, “democratic party” the Knowledge Portal displayed a multicolored image of a rat as the Democratic Party’s symbol.

A Google spokesperson said that if the Democratic Party claimed its Knowledge Panel earlier, this issue would have not been an issue at all. -meaning its official symbol would have been displayed instead of the rat.

Also, the spokesperson said that Google encourages people and organizations to claim their Knowledge Panels.

Once claimed, it would allow owners to select their symbol image. This is because most images that appear in Knowledge Panels are generated automatically from pages on their websites and can be manipulated by other users.

This is not the first thought that such an issue happened. In May 2018, the California GOP was labeled by the Knowledge Panel as Nazis.

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