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Dennis Prager says Samantha Bee’s attack on PragerU led to over $50,000 in donations

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Conservative talk show host and writer Dennis Prager has responded to Comedy Central host Samantha Bee’s attack on his digital education platform PragerU and revealed that it helped to generate over $50,000 in donations for the platform.

During an episode of Fireside Chat, Prager thanked Bee for spurring the donations and said:

“She brought us $50,000 and counting. We didn’t even ask for it. Just people saying, ‘Oh, I’m giving money just to show this will backfire on her.’”

Prager added that Bee’s attack had also resulted in many new viewers coming to the PragerU platform.

While Prager welcomed the donations, he criticized Bee’s segment for using generalized statements with no examples.

“It was unfortunately so typical of what folks on the left do about PragerU all the time,” Prager said. “They make these generalized statements – “Oh it’s a right-wing propaganda place, it’s filled with lies” – but 99% of the time, they never give one example.”

He also addressed Bee attacking PragerU because it’s “not a real university”:

“We announce on the opening page we’re not an accredited university, you’re simply free to learn. Do they acknowledge it is possible to learn at a place that the government has not accredited as a university is that possible?”

He added: “All the universities that existed prior to modern accreditation, were they not universities? The idea that the government has to affirm you in order for you to be what you are is alien to my form of thinking.”

In addition to this, Prager discussed how some of the people who make videos for PragerU are professors from MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, University of California, and UCSD.

Prager’s comments reflect just how much of a misfire Bee’s attack on PragerU turned out to be.

Not only was she ratioed on Twitter but the attack also resulted in more exposure and more financial support for PragerU.

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