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Cameras have evolved a lot, to the point where seeing the pores in the skin is possible. It is a necessary technological advance, but it seems that the most perverse people can take advantage of this to commit crimes that were once only credible in movies. Moreover, although it seems science fiction, a man has been able to track the location of a celebrity using only the reflection of her eyes in the photos of her social networks.

The attack of the “Sasaeng”

Sasaeng (term used to refer to compulsive fans) Hibiki Sato, 26, was able to determine the residence of the Idol Ena Matsuoka, a member of the Tenshitsukinukeniyomi group, using the scant information he could collect from the reflection of the Idol's eyes.

The events occurred on September 1. Sato waited at a bus stop for Matsuoka to arrive at her home in Tokyo and then proceeded to gag her with a rag. Sato continued the assault in a dark corner, which ended in a fight that would cause an injury to Matsuoka's face.

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Sato's arrest did not take place until September 17. The stalker accepted each of the charges, admitted that he was a big Idol fan, and explained how he got her address using the photos of Matsuoka and Google Maps.

Sato managed to identify a bus stop and other places of reference in the reflections of Matsuoka's eyes, in addition to getting the exact address of the apartment by analyzing the direction of the sunlight and the curtains that he managed to see in the images. All he had to do next was to find the site using Google Maps.

Lack of forceful actions

Although there are different laws against harassment in Asian countries, the penalties and their scope do not seem sufficient to stop criminals. Fans of these groups have requested that the security of female idols be reinforced because of the recent attacks they have suffered.

Among the most famous cases are that of Maho Yamaguchi, who was attacked in her home by two men and later she was the one who apologized to the press, and that of Mayu Tomita, who was stabbed multiple times by a fanatic.

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