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Facebook bans ads for Carrie Gress book on damaging feminism

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As soon as the term “toxic masculinity” entered the media and political vernacular, it was inevitable that others would eventually start talking about “toxic femininity.”

The difference that’s becoming clear is that while one of these notions is earnestly allowed, the other is censored – by Big Tech, at least.

We are learning this now that Facebook is banning posts advertising Carrie Gress’ book, “The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing the Culture from Toxic Femininity.” The posts were deleted both on the “mothership” itself, and its image-sharing arm, Instagram.

Gress is a Catholic professor at Pontifex University and a critic of feminism, while the book deals with what she terms “toxic femininity,” reports said.

Facebook explained the ban the usual way – with a non-explanation. A bookstore that tried to advertise on the two platforms was told that Facebook and Instagram’s community policy had been violated.

Guadalupe Gifts, a Catholic gift store, received an email that the breach concerned “commerce policies” – those pertaining to buying, selling, or use of adult products. No further communication or explanation was received by the store from the social media giant as of February 3, the College Fix found.

This website has so far been unsuccessful in trying to get Facebook to comment on the ban.

The book criticizes what it sees as radical feminism as having its roots in Marxism, claiming that feminism paved the way for the LGBT movement of today, and then offers “remedies” for this situation from the religious, Catholic point of view.

Another issue the book deals with is “how elite women silence any voice not in accord with theirs, so no surprise that my book is being censored,” said the author.

Although the book has done well on Amazon, receiving 4.7 out of 5 stars from 423 reviews within the year since its release, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Gress over there either. According to her, Amazon was canceling orders, making the book available only via third party sellers. The book would also repeatedly get reinstated, and then become out of stock a mere hour later, or the same day.

Amazon was not willing to comment about the situation.

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