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Facebook bans Health Hut News founder Erin Elizabeth

It follows her being branded a member of the "disinformation dozen" over vaccine skeptic posts.

has shut down Health Nut News founder Erin Elizabeth’s accounts with millions of collective followers, months after she was branded a member of the “disinformation dozen” by the non-profit Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH).

Elizabeth said that the purge of her Facebook and accounts wiped out her personal page, multiple accounts and groups, and even her aunt who is her assistant.

She added that many of the removed pages had “never done anything wrong” and were focused on health and raw food.

“I was interviewing Dr. Silverman, an amazing surgeon and holistic doctor when Facebook and Instagram cut off the broadcast to my millions of followers,” she added.

Elizabeth also noted that all her photos and connections are now gone as a result of Facebook deleting her accounts.

When asked by one of her followers why Facebook took her accounts down, Elizabeth said: “I think because I’ve been all over, you know, national and international news the last few weeks or months about the, we’re considered ‘the disinformation dozen.'”

The CCDH published its “The Disinformation Dozen” report earlier this year. Since publication, it has been heavily amplified by media along with a claim from the report that “the disinformation dozen are responsible for up to 65% of anti-vaccine content.”

In April, this claim was repeated by Democratic politicians and Attorneys General in letters to Facebook that urged the tech giant to take more action against “vaccine disinformation.”

Elizabeth is the second member of the list to be purged by Facebook after this pressure from government officials. Retired gynecologist and author of bestselling health and wellness books Dr. Christiane Northrup had her Instagram account deleted just over a week after the Democratic Senators sent their letter to Facebook.

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