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Facebook deletes Page that opposes drag queen story hour for kids

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Facebook has removed a Page that says it was committed to ending Drag Queen Story Hour, an event where drag queens read kids’ books in public libraries. It’s the third time the group, 500 Mom Strong, has been removed from Facebook.

According to Anna Hall Bohach, the founder of 500 Mom Strong, Facebook removed the group’s page on June 1, saying that it violated “Community Standards.” That was the same reason for removing the previous Pages published by the group. The first one was removed on July 19, 2019, and the second one earlier this year.

“According to Facebook, saying drag queens shouldn’t read to kids is more dangerous than promoting burning down buildings, rioting, and killing police officers,” Hall Bohach said. “I thought President Trump was going to stop this sort of thing from happening,” referring to Trump’s recent executive order designed to tackle censorship online.

The first Page had about 2,000 followers and half as many likes. The last two had about the same following.

Hall Bohach continued to explain that posts on the Page had many comments and shares.

500 Strong Mom started holding protests against Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) in June Last year. “500 Mom Strong is a group of women who have had enough with the sexualization of our children and the mockery of our femininity,” the website reads.

“Drag queens are very offensive to women. They are grotesque hypersexualized caricatures of women. They mock women and debase our womanhood and femininity. A drag queen is no different than a racist donning black face,” the group believes.

Source: LifeSite

Hall Bohach found the move by Facebook to be unfair, considering it allows their copycat group 500 Drag Queen Strong to thrive and even allegedly post updates suggesting support for “Antifa.”

In recent times, Facebook has increasingly been accused of not allowing a wide range of opinions and diverse beliefs on the platform and the closing window of what is allowed in public conversation continues to concern some users.

“This is an unholy war being waged against women, children, Christians, feminist lesbians, and anyone who is remotely conservative. It is being battled out in universities, public schools, libraries, governmental bureaucracies, corporations, social media, corporate news complex, and Hollywood,” the group have said.

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