Facebook Marketplace is filled with overpriced toilet paper from stockpiler sellers

Now we know where all the toilet paper went.

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With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, people are starting to follow various precautionary protocols. While some are stocking up on food supplies, some are hoarding toilet paper and sanitizers.

But some profit-mongers have taken to the online marketplaces to stockpile essential toilet paper, sanitizer, and other household products and then sell them for raised prices.

While some people are unable to get toilet paper due to others buying excessively, stockpilers are now turning to Facebook marketplace to resell them at higher prices

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Some sellers are combining toilet paper with other products to create a bundle

One seller is selling single rolls for $25 each

While there’s a lot of price-gouging going on, there are some that are using the marketplace to make light of the situation and offer some humor amidst the chaos.

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Naga Pramod

Naga Pramod is a computer science major and tech news reporter with a passion for cyber security, networking, and data science. [email protected]