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Fauci says online “disinformation” is the “enemy” of public health

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Dr. Anthony Fauci has once again come out presenting himself as a champion of combating what he called COVID disinformation, even though he has a history of backtracking on his previously held statements around the virus.

Some would call that a form of “spreading misinformation,” but the White House chief medical adviser tends to see that in others, and has no issue with dubbing anything deviating from COVID the “canons” of the hour as – “an enemy of public health.”

Fauci was recently in what must be one of his “safe media spaces” – on CNN – where he and host Jim Acosta mused over some statements made by Tucker Carlson of Fox News, and podcast star Joe Rogan.

The CNN host went as far as to accuse the pair of spreading “debunked information” around COVID, while Fauci picked up the story from there to say that disinformation is an enemy of public health, without appearing to directly accuse either Carlson or Rogan of such a serious crime.

Carlson believes that people who are buying vaccine cards instead of getting vaccinated do this “out of desperation” – seemingly referring to the growing list of restrictions that vaccine skeptics are encountering in their everyday lives.

Rogan, on the other hand, chose to deal with his own recent COVID infection by trying a range of medications, including the drug ivermectin.

For more than a year now, ivermectin has been dismissed as ineffective in treating COVID, but lately there appears to be a somewhat concerted effort to also present it as truly dangerous, and vaccines as the only way to effectively deal with coronavirus.

Along with this, media like CNN and those proliferating their talking points on social networks have taken using terms like “livestock de-wormer” when disparagingly referring to the drug – and by extension, disparaging those using it.

In reality, ivermectin’s active substance is used both in human and animal treatments, albeit in different formulas, and it is the latter that is suspected of having the potential to cause harm to people.

“The best way to counter disinformation and misinformation is to try as best as we all can to get the proper and correct information out,” Fauci told CNN.

That might explain the doctor’s consistent flip-flopping on COVID – as he replaced the “misinformation” he previously shared, with what he at some point in time starts believing to be “correct information.”

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