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Florida man demands police remove his mugshot from Facebook, so they replace it with a booking photo

The wanted man didn't want police to use that mugshot of him on Facebook.

Today we have yet another “ man” case making it into the headlines due to a weird turn of events. Cody Pierce, AKA “It wasn’t me”, had an arrest warrant on him for stealing over $1,000 worth of merchandise from a local Walmart in DeSoto County, Florida.

Pierce, along with another suspect named Michael Meacham, committed the felony on October 27th and were caught on tape by the store’s security cameras. Pierce was easily identifiable due to the tattoos on his head and legs.

Michael Meacham was arrested shortly after the robbery, but Pierce was still on the loose – that was until DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office made a post on asking for the help of any individual with information on the whereabouts of the remaining thief, which was accompanied by a picture of him.

The thief brought himself to justice because he didn’t like the photo of his warrant order

However, no help was required that day, as the suspect himself commented on the post claiming that he was free of guilt and that his lawyer was eager “for a case of slander and defamation”.

On top of that, he didn’t seem to like the mugshot of him posted on Facebook, so he requested its removal…maybe he didn’t like the way his hair looked in that photo, no one knows for sure.

DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office kindly replied to the thief’s request and agreed to replace the photo with a better-looking one if he stopped by the Sheriff’s Office.

As it turns out, DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office kept its promise when Cody Pierce was finally arrested on November 6th by deputies of Sarasota County. As of now, the photo has been replaced by a new one taken in the Sarasota County jail.

Many commenters pointed out that the new photo doesn’t look too much better than the old one, but at least Pierce is smiling now, so that’s an improvement. Although commenters can’t the say the same about his hair.

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