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Twitch streamer Greekgodx suspended by Twitch for gender joke

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Popular British Twitch streamer, Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos, has been suspended from the streaming platform Twitch after making a comment about gender and allegedly breaking the streaming service’s guidelines with regards to “hate speech” that don’t appear to take jokes into consideration.

Shortly following his suspension, Greekgodx took to Twitter to apologize.

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“Got banned for a silly comment about gender i just wanted to say it was a joke and i’m really sorry to anyone i offended. i didn’t mean to be hurtful or hateful. ill update u guys on how long the ban is for when i can,” tweeted Greekgodx.

With almost 900,000 followers across the platform, Greekgodx broadcasts a range of streams including talk shows, IRL, and gaming streams.

Recently, during a stream, he criticized SoundCloud and said that the platform was “catering to cucks” as it had the “other” and “prefer not to say” options in the gender selection section displayed during account creation process.

He then proceeded to say that the company should “F*** off” for including the other option and that the company must have otherwise simply stated that, “sorry SoundCloud is not for you.”

These comments sparked controversy across some online communities, and soon, Twitch initiated a ban against him. Several other streamers have found themselves either suspended or even permanently banned for such comments that Twitch deems offensive.

However, with Twitch showing favoritism for popular and elite streamers, it’s not yet known for how long the ban will be in place. Nevertheless, the company has a strict policy in place for what it calls “hate speech” and has on many occasions said that hateful content is a “zero-tolerance violation.”

As of now, the length of Antonatos’ ban hasn’t been confirmed. It is to be noted that this isn’t the first time for this UK streamer to get reprimanded by Twitch. In the previous year, he shared a photoshopped image of a fellow streamer lying nude during a broadcast which didn’t go well with the streaming company’s content-enforcement team.

Keeping the aforementioned incident in mind, it is speculated that his ban might last longer than a typical one-day ban. Generally speaking, any ban initiated by Twitch lasts for a period of one, three, seven or 30 days.

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