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This fake AI Joe Rogan is a glimpse into the near future

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The biggest culture podcast in the world The Joe Rogan Experience is under threat of being misrepresented in media due to a new AI software developed by Dessa.

Engineers managed to create new software that imitates voices of celebrities given you have enough voice samples. Joe Rogan interviewed hundreds of people over the course of his career and so we have thousands of hours him speaking.

There are several videos made with this software that are already circulating on the internet. In these videos, Joe Rogan talks about absurdities. While it sounds like a goofy joke, the potential threat of such software solutions is truly terrifying. Imagine what a malevolent person could make with this program.

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RealTalk is the name of the new software developed by Dessa. The algorithms behind the program are kept secret but the company is working with startups and corporations to incorporate the solution to create bots and record voice lines for support services. However, this deep learning technology is very dangerous if given to people who are willing to use it with malice in mind.

Dessa realizes the potential danger of their software solution and promises that they won’t make their solution public until they analyze how it may impact the real world. Engineers of the company warned that the technology will advance rapidly to the extent when “a few seconds of audio” will be enough to recreate how a person speaks.

“To work on things like this responsibly, we think the public should first be made aware of the implications that speech synthesis models present before releasing anything open source. Because of this, at this time we will not be releasing our research, model or datasets publicly,” it said this week.

The main target of the software are businesses that want to automate phone calls and support services. However, such technology can be used by scammers and trolls who will make videos with politicians talking nonsense. Such videos would be quickly debunked, but the first impression is often enough to sway the public opinion.

Recently, Joe Rogan talked to Lex Friedman about the dangers of AI technologies. They extensively talked about software like RealTalk and many other AI solutions that automatically generate written content threatening to kill journalism in its current form.

Similar tech is developed by tech giants like Google. Their DeepMind is an expansive program that incorporates various types of tech powered by deep learning mechanics. AI is here and the implications of it could be menacing.

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