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Joe Rogan says executives from China-backed TikTok are trying to get on his show

"F*ck you," Rogan said.

In a recent podcast episode of the Joe Rogan Experience featuring a former CIA agent Mike Baker, it was reiterated that the US military perceive the Chinese-owned video-sharing social media platform— as a “cyber threat.”

“They’ve been making efforts to limit the ability for TikTok to do business here. The US military has instructed all personnel to stay off TikTok because of the same concern,” said Baker.

Rogan spoke to Baker in great detail about a myriad of aspects concerning the realm of security as well as operations. When their topic of discussion came to and how the US had to ban Huawei smartphones as they were accused of being used for spying on the US, the topic naturally drifted to the sensational Chinese app, TikTok.

With recent news stating that the Chinese video-sharing app defeated as the world’s most downloaded social media app, everybody’s eyes are now on TikTok. Baker said that the app is banned by military personnel due to its “links” to the communist superpower.

Mike Baker is a former CIA officer.

“These companies can argue that they are independent, but at the end of the day, if the Chinese government knock on their door and say ‘We would like access to your database because we want to hoover up information about every military person stationed wherever,’ they’re going to do it,” said Baker.

What’s more, Rogan also said that folks from TikTok have tried to get on his show and interview with him, which he apparently was not interested in. “They’re trying to get one of the top TikTok executives in here,” Rogan said.

Baker said that the Chinese giant’s attempts at getting on his show were “interesting”, to which Rogan remarked saying, “Not to me. No.”

“So, it’s not happening?” Baker asked. “No, f*ck you,” Rogan replied.

Rogan discussed how his 11-year-old daughter was obsessed with the app and how he has to perform on dance videos with her on the app. Baker too, spoke about how the kids at his son’s basketball practice were hooked on TikTok.

While the US government did ban Huawei from the country, it is still unknown whether the same fate awaits TikTok.

TikTok has faced accusations of censorship.

Defend free speech and individual liberty online. 

Push back against big tech and media gatekeepers.