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Canada Conservative party MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis pushes back against government’s online censorship bill

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Canadian Conservative Party (CPC) MP Dr. Leslyn Lewis has criticized the Trudeau government’s proposed internet regulation Bill C-11, calling for it to be withdrawn because it is “dangerous.”

In a debate during the second reading of the bill last week, Lewis said: “What this bill proposes is that they [Trudeau’s government] will choose which content, which speech, what Canadians must view in the current system. The algorithms are driven by an individual’s choice of what they want.”

“What this bill proposes is that they should usurp that choice and they should impose the government’s choice upon the people. And that is what we are that we’re opposing.”

Lewis also criticized the bill on Twitter, writing: “The Liberals’ internet regulation bill, Bill C-11, will give the government power to control your internet choices and impose their own.”

“This dangerous bill should be scrapped, not rushed through Parliament without full debate.”

Bill C-11 is similar to Bill C-10, which failed to pass after it stalled in the Senate.

The Liberal government has also introduced another internet regulation legislation Bill C-18, which would require social media platforms to rank government-approved news sources higher and demote news sources not approved by the government.

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