MxR thanks fans for their support as Jukin Media controversy comes to an end

An amicable agreement has been reached, both parties say.

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The Jukin Media Vs MxR Plays saga has finally come to its end. MxR Plays posted an update on January 15th. While they weren’t able to disclose much of the details, they did say “We came to a resolution [that] I’m very happy with, Jeanie is very happy with, [and] Jukin is very happy with. I think in the end it all worked out. Essentially we should be able to make the videos how we want them, and really not have to worry. Which is pretty much all we wanted.”

They added that they always do their due diligence to find the original sources of their content.

While they did appreciate the outpouring of support they’ve received, they did say that they don’t condone the doxxing. “The part where we heard that people were getting doxxed, like personal and private information of employees and the executive board were being released, that part we did not like and we’re scared,” Jeanie said.

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Jukin Media had been accused of extorting MxR plays in an attempt to get them to pay thousands of dollars for their use of a short clip in on of their reaction videos, and the YouTube community didn’t appreciate the creator-hostile move.

Jukin reached out to Reclaim The Net with a statement:

“We are pleased that MxR and Jukin Media have resolved this issue amicably for both sides. Our business was founded to help everyday video owners monetize and protect the content they create and to make their videos and IP available at a fair rate to others who want to use it. We will continue to work every day to protect and compensate rightful video owners and provide this valuable service to our thousands of licensing partners. We’re looking forward to working with MxR and other YouTubers in a world where everyone wins.”

Carl Sinclair

Carl Sinclair is a technology reporter covering anti-competetive practices and privacy issues for Reclaim The Net. [email protected]