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NCLA Embraces Rumble After YouTube Censors Video of Lawyers Discussing The Missouri v. Biden Case

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In an ironic turn of events, the New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), a key party in the lawsuit against President Biden’s social media censorship collusion, found their video removed from YouTube, citing “medical misinformation” as the cause. Responding to this development, the NCLA has decided to utilize Rumble, the emerging free speech platform, to share its content.

The NCLA, a nonprofit civil rights organization, has been at the forefront of battling governmental overreach and infringement on civil liberties. Its recent video that aimed to address social media censorship was taken down by YouTube, sparking another layer of controversy to the ongoing debate.

YouTube, owned by Google, has been under fire for its content censorship policies, specifically around what it likes to call medical misinformation. The platform argued that the NCLA video violated its community standards, prompting immediate removal.

“Incredibly, YouTube took down a video of a discussion @NCLAlegal had about Missouri v. Biden and censorship for ‘medical misinformation.’ In July of 2023,” tweeted Jenin Younes, NCLA attorney.

In response to the incident, the NCLA has decided to move to Rumble, a video platform known for its less restrictive content moderation policies.

Rumble, launched in 2013, has seen a significant increase in popularity amid growing dissatisfaction with the perceived bias and censorship on mainstream platforms. The platform has become a popular choice for those who feel their voices are stifled on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

The NCLA’s move to Rumble underlines the growing trend of users seeking alternative platforms in search of unrestricted speech, especially when wanting to discuss issues of Big Tech censorship itself.

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