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House Republicans Seek Documents From Google on Alleged Government Influence in Biased AI Program Gemini

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Under increasing scrutiny, Google is being pressed by US House Republicans to disclose any government influences that may have swayed the development of its controversial artificial intelligence program, Gemini. The application, recently criticized for its racist ideologies by refusing to depict white people, has been a hot topic and the cause of much criticism.

The House Judiciary Committee addressed a letter to Alphabet, Google’s parent company, over the weekend.

We obtained a copy of the letter for you here.

The document stresses that the committee is insisting upon receiving any connection or correspondence detailing interaction between the American authorities and Alphabet concerning Gemini. All requested communication records must be submitted to them by March 17th.

The committee’s chairperson, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, authored the letter stating their interest in how the AI model’s results were intentionally skewed, saying, “In light of new reporting regarding how Alphabet intentionally biased its AI model, Gemini, by giving it instructions that distort the results shared with Americans…we write to inform you that the committee views the subpoena as covering material relating to this technology.”

Reports from inside the Gemini team have raised eyebrows, suggesting that the program adhered to the Biden administration’s guidelines emphasizing “equity.”

This concept prioritizes promoting traditionally marginalized groups, even over accuracy or truth.

This resulted in the AI system often presenting images that disproportionately represent diverse individuals, ignoring historical accuracy.

Gemini’s portrayal of historical figures, for example, the Founding Fathers or revolutionary soldiers as black or other minorities and the refusal to portray them as white, was the subject of widespread ridicule that affected Google’s stock price.

The letter goes on to convey fears circling potential violations of free speech. The committee observed Google’s history of censoring speech protected under the First Amendment as per government requests and demands.

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