The Rundown

Anheuser-Busch CEO Blames Bud Light Boycott On Social Media “Misinformation”

The CEO of AB InBev, the company that manufactures Bud Light, blamed social media misinformation for the boycott after the move to promote it using TikTok transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. “People often talk about this topic in social media like noise… You have one fact and every person puts an opinion behind the fact. And then the opinions start to be replicated fast on each and every comment. By the time that 10 or 20 people put a comment out there, the reality is no longer what the fact is, but is more [about] what the comments were,” CEO Michel Doukeris said to the Financial Times. Doukeris blamed the boycott on “misinformation and confusion.” Data from Bump Williams Consulting, which was based on Nielsen IQ data, showed that the boycott decreased sales by 26% from one year ago in the week that ended on April 22.