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Sandia Labs employee placed on administrative leave after video critical of company’s “re-education” program

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A few weeks ago, Christopher Rufo exposed that Sandia Labs, a US federal government contractor, was “re-educating” white male employees on racism and “white privilege.” Rufo’s tweets revealed what was going on behind the scenes at the company and described it as a “civil war.”

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The leaked material emboldened employees at the company to speak about the re-education process they were subjected to and now, after making a YouTube video debunking what the employees were taught, an employee has been placed on administrative leave for his actions.

Casey Peterson sent a video critical of the re-education program to Sandia Labs employees. The video was entitled “pushing back back on the narrative of modern systemic racism and white privilege” and can be watched here.

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The video was quickly watched by Sandia Labs employees, many of whom reached out to Peterson to show their support.

In the video, Peterson says the reason he is opposing the critical race theory training is that the management at a government contractor should not force their political and ideological perspective on employees. Peterson took his concerns to HR and management but was told that he was oblivious of his unconscious prejudices.

The management tried to reduce the spread of the video by locking Peterson out of the network and deleting his communication from internal servers. But as usual, trying to hide something only makes it more widespread.

Peterson is now on paid administrative leave as the management investigates whether his attempts to discredit the re-education was “a threat to Sandia computing and security systems.”

“By the afternoon, executives were panicking about the brewing rebellion, placed Peterson on paid administrative leave, and established a ‘security review board’ to ‘evaluate whether [his] actions have comprised or posed a threat to Sandia computing and security systems,’ Rufo revealed.

In the video, Peterson acknowledges racism exists and that there are inequalities between races in America. However, he feels that the ideas of systemic racism and white privilege are exaggerated, and such teachings have no place at the workplace.

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