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White House coronavirus advisor slams YouTube censorship, says censoring science is like a third-world country

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Dr. Scott Atlas, one of the coronavirus task force members of the White House, has condemned the Big Tech social media’s doings to suppress narratives surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Atlas recently took part in a discussion in a video where he went into great depths about the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing. He had put forth several scientifically backed arguments and argued for a full reopening of the country and the end of lockdowns.

YouTube, however, ended up censoring the video as it apparently violated the platform’s community guidelines. Dr. Atlas was naturally frustrated with YouTube censoring his video and said that he was taken aback by the move. He said that he commonly thought how such censorship of scientific observations was only limited to “third world countries.”

“Dr. Atlas did what you can absolutely not do ever in this brave new world they’ve created. He pointed out that statistical models the technocrats use to justify their existence have been catastrophically wrong,” said Tucker Carlson, during an interview.

“It’s a disaster. We’ve already seen the near obstruction of journalism. When you start censoring science you are removing fact, removing the basic way that we decide what is truth in what is not. This has been done I think historically in various countries and you know, we are sort of teetering on the edge of what is done in third world countries – the countries we used to be proudly distinguished from,” said Dr. Atlas, replying to Carlson.

Highlighting the need to challenge accepted narratives and investigate other scientific possibilities, Dr. Atlas said that there was a huge need for “reliable news media.”

“We need to have scientists who are able to question… these things are actually proven and went out to be able to accept differences in science and go forward and prove it,” said Dr. Atlas.

He also went on to point out the obvious hypocrisy prevalent in the US, because of which scientific facts contrary to the accepted narrative are often perceived to be inconsistent with science.

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