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Senator leaned on Twitter by flagging over 300 accounts

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The recent release of Twitter Files, posted by independent journalist Matt Taibbi, showed that left-leaning independent Sen. Angus King reported over 300 Twitter accounts, including news outlet Zero Hedge, as suspicious.

Taibbi has accused the politicians, including Republican Mark Lenzi, a State Department official, of trying to lean on Twitter.

King reported the accounts suspicious for posting content like “being followed by rival Eric Brakey,” mentions of immigration, and “Rand Paul visit excitement.”

Taibbi noted that such newsworthy revelations have received zero coverage by the mainstream media. The Twitter files have revealed more damning revelations like the FBI and other federal agencies pressuring Twitter to censor content and how Twitter executives justified the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story. The mainstream media largely did not cover these revelations.

However, a story by a witness in last week’s House hearings about President Donald Trump requesting Twitter to remove a tweet by Chrissy Teigen made headlines on more than a few left-leaning outlets.

“If a president freaking out about one tweeter is news, surely a US Senator finking on three hundred-plus of his constituents also must be,” Taibbi wrote in the Twitter thread.

“The fact that mainstream outlets ignored the Schiff story but howls about Teigen shows what they’re about,” Taibbi continued.

An earlier batch of Twitter Files revealed that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) made several requests to Twitter to censor content.

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