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Shane Dawson, James Charles, King Bach, and other YouTubers hacked after alleged AT&T SIM swap

James Charles, King Bach, Amanda Cerny, and Keemstar have blamed AT&T for the hack.

Over the last two days, the accounts of multiple YouTubers and social media stars have been hacked. The hacked accounts include Shane Dawson, James Charles, King Bach, Amanda Cerny, and the account of deceased YouTuber Etika.

The hacks appear to have been perpetrated by the same group with all of the hacked accounts either tagging the now suspended @chucklingsquad, using the hashtag #ChucklingSquad, using the label “chuckling squad,” or using the label “Chuckling RN” while compromised. Additionally, most of the hacked accounts promoted a “Chuckling Server” Discord server where the hackers appeared to be posting screenshots showing that they had access to one of the hacked user’s Gmail accounts.

Charles was the most recent YouTuber to be hacked with the hackers changing his name, editing his Twitter bio, causing him to become unverified on Twitter, and posting a series of offensive tweets from his account.

The Twitter account of Etika, who committed suicide in June, was also hacked with the hackers changing his bio and posting distasteful tweets joking about his death.

Dawson had his Twitter account hacked and once again, the hackers posted a series of inappropriate tweets while his account was compromised.

King Bach had both his Twitter and accounts hacked. His Instagram bio was edited to link to what seems to be the “Chuckling Server” Discord server and the hackers posted various photos and videos while they had access to the account. On Twitter, the hackers tweeted insults to various YouTubers, threatened to leak direct messages (DMs), and promoted the “Chuckling Server” Discord server.

Cerny’s Instagram account was hacked and the hackers posted weird photos and videos to her account while also editing her bio to link to what appears to be the “Chuckling Server” Discord server.

Charles, Dawson, King Bach, and Cerny have all now regained access to their accounts while Etika’s account has been restored to its previous state.

Three of the victims and Drama Alert host Keemstar are blaming the carrier AT&T for the hack. Keemstar claims that AT&T allowed hackers to call in and SIM swap the accounts that were hacked.

SIM swaps involve hackers contacting a carrier and convincing them to switch the phone number over to a SIM card that they own. Since the phone number is often a verification method for online services, once hackers have access to a person’s phone number, they can use it to compromise many of their online accounts.

Charles has also blamed AT&T for compromising his phone number which he says then led to his social media accounts being hacked. He also claims that AT&T’s fraud department hung up on him and said his lawyer will be reaching out.

King Bach said AT&T was to blame and claimed that an AT&T employee switched his SIM card over to the hacker. He called the company’s security “trash” and said he has strong passwords and uses two-step verifications for everything.

Cerny also blamed “human error” at AT&T for the hack and said that she has “all possible steps of verification added” after being hacked previously but that these weren’t enough to prevent a second hack.

This isn’t the first time AT&T has been accused of being responsible for SIM swapping. The company is currently facing a $224 million lawsuit for a separate SIM swapping incident.

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