Mailchimp deplatforms Stefan Molyneux after allegations from activist

Yet another tech company bows to cancel culture.

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Email marketing service Mailchimp has terminated the account of Stefan Molyneux, host of the philosophy show Freedomain, after a complaint from Nandini Jammi, co-founder of activist group Sleeping Giants.

Mailchimp appears to have made the decision largely based on this complaint from Jammi which alleges that Molyneux is a white nationalist who promotes eugenics and race science. Molyneux denied these allegations but Mailchimp decided to terminate his account anyway and thanked Jammi for “bringing this to our attention.”

Some existing customers of Mailchimp are shocked that the company appears to terminate its customers’ accounts based on as little as a single complaint.

“Interesting, my company uses Mailchimp. As Director of IT, I cannot allow us doing business with a company that will just terminate accounts because of the political screeching of some nobody on Twittter. Good luck!” said one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user added that it’s “time for everyone to get rid of mailchimp if it’s that easy for someone to get an account terminated.”

Popular YouTuber Jeremy Hambly from TheQuartering said he has also canceled his Mailchimp account after being a customer for years.

Another Twitter user also criticized Mailchimp for terminating the account and taking the word of a person who uses “bully tactics” to silence those they disagree with – a likely reference to Sleeping Giants’ history of threatening to boycott companies unless they comply with the group’s demands.

Before Molyneux was deplatformed by Mailchimp, Jammi posted a tweet celebrating the impact of Molyneux having his PayPal account terminated.

And now, Jammi is pressuring YouTube to shut his channel down based on more allegations.

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Tom Parker

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