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SteveWillDoIt joins Rumble after YouTube censorship

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A popular creator who’s a member of the popular channel NELK Boys and is known for uploading viral game challenge videos under the SteveWillDoIt brand, has joined the free speech video sharing platform Rumble.

Steve made the announcement alongside Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski and financial commentator Matt Kohrs during a live stream from the Nasdaq.

“I’m excited to be on Rumble,” Steve said. “I’m excited to not be afraid of getting canceled for random reasons and I’m excited to make videos again, help people, and just do my shit and it’s gonna be…an amazing thing.”

Before joining Rumble, Steve had built a popular SteveWillDoIt channel on YouTube which had over four million subscribers. However, in August, YouTube suddenly deleted his channel for alleged “severe or repeated violations.”

The NELK Boys have also been targeted by YouTube with the tech giant demonetizing their channel and deleting their massively popular interview with President Trump.

“I cannot imagine the emotional whiplash you went through when just one company, the empire you built, they’re like, ‘eh, no more,’ just Thanos snapped it,” Kohrs said when discussing YouTube’s termination of Steve’s channel.

“Thanos snapped it and it wasn’t for legitimate reasons,” Steve said in response. “It was for…I couldn’t tell you why.”

In a separate interview with Dave Rubin, the co-founder of Rumble’s subscription-based community platform, Locals, Steve described how YouTube didn’t give him any advance warning that his channel was going to be deleted and only called him on the day of deletion.

“They called me the day of deletion and it was a girl and she seemed pretty stoked I was getting deleted,” Steve said. “She seemed happy…You’re giving someone the worst news possible and…you’re happy. It was kind of just fucked up.”

Steve said he’s excited that Rumble will allow him to keep doing what he loves without worrying about his videos being deleted.

“I can go to bed knowing that when I wake up, my video’s not gonna be deleted,” Steve said. “And if there’s any issues, there’s gonna be communication. That was one thing they [YouTube] didn’t do. They didn’t communicate. They didn’t give a fuck.”

Rumble CEO Pavlovski said: “We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us but…I can’t wait to…show what Steve’s gonna do…Now he’s gonna do videos where he is gonna be completely authentic. He’s gonna be real Steve all the time.”

Pavlovski also blasted the growing restrictions on YouTube that force creators to self-censor:

“Right now…you have to be careful of what you say, you have to…be concerned what’s gonna come out of your mouth, you gotta like tiptoe around it. If you’re on YouTube, you’re not authentic anymore. You’re not being fair to your audience because you’re being fake, essentially.

“Whereas on Rumble, you can be completely authentic…And I think that’s…a really important thing that…we’re pushing right now is authenticity. And…having someone like Steve lead the way over here is gonna be pretty fun. So I can’t wait for that first video. I think we’re gonna break the internet with that one.”

Steve said that he’ll post new videos weekly when he starts uploading to Rumble. Pavlovski added that Steve will also be posting vlogs to Locals, Rumble’s sister platform to build communities.

“I’m tryna make just the absolute best content, once a week, every…single week, one video, 25 minutes,” Steve said. “And then I’ll be doing just daily vlogs as my lifestyle, Locals [content]. The Locals thing is just like for the subscriptions, is just like for the hardcore fans. So there’s gonna be a lot of content from me on there.”

Rumble has differentiated itself from the world’s biggest video sharing platform, YouTube, by vowing to allow its creators to speak freely. As Rumble has committed to free and open dialogue, YouTube has expanded its censorship rules. Rumble’s pro-free speech stance has contributed to its record growth and has resulted in many popular creators embracing the platform.

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